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@mason You also need the NodeInfo plugin to pair with this, but after you have those two installed and activated your blog federates.

@bluespacedragon @Mayana Same, I refuse to do anything like that to my phone because I don't wanna break it haha

@bluespacedragon @Mayana Oh oh. Yeah. I hate android update policies. My Pixel 4A is set to hit EOL after 2023, and it's more than capable of lasting much longer than that.

@bluespacedragon @Mayana I think that from what I remember, you're on a Samsung, and older samsung phones are netorious for having all kinds of audio issues. That could be part of it.

@bluespacedragon @Mayana Somehow I think it actually has more to do with the way Talkback handles touch, because if I use Talkback with a keyboard, it's very fast.

@Mayana nods, I think making it an option would be the best route.

@Mayana I thought I was the only one who didn't like that change.

@bigzaphod Hey that's what I would've done hahaha. Coffee is life

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#Metatext 1.5.1:

- Fixed emoji placement on iOS 15
- Fixed notification ordering issue

Now available:

⚠️ WARNING: Since the last release of Metatext, a shady company has begun releasing spyware/scams disguised as social networking software under the name “Meta”. Please ensure you only download authentic Metabolist software and not poor quality imitations ⚠️

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If you have a WordPress blog, you can attach it to the Fediverse using a special plugin.

This will let people on Mastodon (and elsewhere on the Fedi) follow your blog, see your blog posts in their timeline, comment on your blog posts, like them, share them etc.

The plugin is written by @pfefferle and is called ActivityPub For WordPress:

Note that this only works on independently hosted WordPress blogs.

It does not work on free blogs because they don't allow plugins (there is a paid option at but it's weirdly expensive).

#FediTips #Fediverse #WordPress #ActivityPub

@erion Correct. It's a shame that all these Mastodon clients exist that aren't being updated.

@erion I said Tooot, on purpose. It's a new app. I've not tried Toot yet though I've heard of it.

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